The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) is one of the members of consortium through Muhimbili Medical Research Center (MMRC).

NIMR is the largest public health research institution in Tanzania. NIMR has centres and stations across the country and in addition NIMR has been working with the National, Zonal, Regional and District hospitals. Within the study regions Iringa and Mbeya NIMR is operating the stations in each region with a good laboratory located at each regional hospital in the selected regions. NIMR has an access with a cohort of PLWHA on care and treatment in these regions and NIMR is participating in the follow up of these patients. The laboratories in these regions are in level 2. This project will be granted the opportunity to access the cohort of PLWHA under follows up in these hospitals and also the community follows for recruitment of the health cohort. In addition the NIMR has an access with the Central Pathology Laboratory equipped with modern technique for HIV 1&2 diagnosis, follow up investigations including viral load and immunology. The Central Pathology Laboratory is level 3. In addition NIMR is hosting the National Ethics Review Committee and mandated to oversee the entire medical research-taking place in the country.


  • MMRC will take lead on information technology system capacity building. This comprises establishment of virtual one health center and electronic case management.
  • Providing data on human health, particularly prevalence of TSCT/NCC and pathomechanisms of NCC in immunocompromised subjects.


Bernard Ngowi
Principal Investigator
Dr. Ngowi is epidemiologist and a public health specialist with longstanding experience in HIV/AIDS, Cysticercosis, opportunistic infections and tuberculosis research. Dr. Ngowi has five years’ experience working as a physician in remote rural Tanzania, having conducted epidemiological studies in HIV/AIDS, Cysticercosis, Tuberculosis and Opportunistic infections in Tanzania. He is also part of the DFG funded study on Assessment of prevalence of NCC in people with seizures within areas (urban and rural) endemic for porcine cysticercosis in selected African countries and treatment of identified cases. He was involved in an epidemiological door-to-door study to identify people with seizures/epilepsy.
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Sayoki Mfinanga
Co Principal Investigator
Dr. Sayoki Godfrey Mfinanga is a Chief Research Scientist and Director of the Muhimbili Research Centre of the National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania. He is also a Deputy Director for Afrique one consortium and coordinator for the tuberculosis node of excellence of East Africa under East African Consortium for Clinical Research. He was born in September 1, 1962 in Mwanga District of Kilimanjaro Region. He joined NIMR as a research scientist in 1994.
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Andrew Kilale
Project Coordinator
Dr. Andrew Kilale is a Senior Research Scientist at the Muhimbili Research Centre of the National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania with expertise in Public Health, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. He joined NIMR as a research scientist in 1993.
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Ayubu Masasi
IT Task Force Lead
Ayubu Masasi is a full-stack Web Application and Software Developer at the Muhimbili Research Centre of the National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania
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John Mduda
Assistant to IT Task Force Lead
John Mduda is attentive to details and self motivated individual with adept expertise in software development and data management with strong communication and interpersonal skills working at the Muhimbili Research Centre of the National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania.
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Yacob Lema
PHD Candidate
Yakobo Lema is a research scientist at National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) Muhimbili Medical Research Center, in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He received his B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at University of Dar Es Salaam in 2007, and my M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Medical Biochemistry at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS); a sandwich course funded by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and jointly with UCSF in 2012 before taking a career in the TB research laboratory that is jointly ran by NIMR and National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Program. Before working with NIMR, for a brief period of 1 year, he worked for the MUHAS and HARVARD HIV collaborative research Lab, molecular biology unit as part of a large project working on prevention of mother to child transmissions of HIV. Yakobo Lema has five years’ experience working on TB/HIV research in Tanzania. He’s part of the national emergency response team to outbreaks involving emerging and dangerous pathogens. He’s also co-investigator in the national multi drug resistance survey and part of the task force in developing national guidelines for treatment of TB in children. Yakobo Lema is currently a PhD candidate in the Cysticercosis Network of Sub-Saharan Africa, Research Task II: “T. solium neuro(cysticercosis)/ taeniosis in people living with HIV/AIDS in southern Tanzania”. Focusing on understanding of the molecular immunology of neurocysticercosis and its interaction with HIV.
Daniel Nyerere
IT MSC Candidate
Daniel Nyerere is a skilled software developer with experience in the software development industry in both mobile and web applications. He is organized, methodical and pays great attention to detail which result in solid coding and exemplary software programs. His passion in maintaining long lasting relationship with clients is expressed in the way he values each client’s work through communicating progress to following up after completion. He has a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) and is working as a software developer for Cystnet Africa Project under NIMR Tanzania.