In the CYSTINET-Africa network, tasks for Tanazania I (SUA) are to develop, evaluate and implement a practical health education intervention package for prevention and control of Taenia solium cysticercosis and taeniosis (TSCT) in Tanzania.


  1. Development and adaptation of a low-cost, ready-to-use health education intervention package targeting village opinion leaders for the prevention and control of TSCT in Songwe (Songwe region) and Kongwa (Dodoma region) districts, southern highlands of and central Tanzania, respectively;
  2. Determination of the effectiveness of the community-adapted health education intervention package on the community’s knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAPs) and risk of porcine and human cysticercosis in Songwe and Kongwa districts;
  3. Development of evidence-based policy guidelines for locally adapted prevention and control of TSCT in Songwe and Kongwa districts.


Helena Aminiel Ngowi
Network Director & Principal Investigator
Dr. Ngowi is a specialist in veterinary public health and a consultant in health promotion approach to control T. solium cysticercosis/taeniasis (TSCT). Recently, she has explored whether school children can transmit health messages of TSCT effectively to the community, whereby she has employed a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods through a social science approach. Ngowi is the coordinator of the CYSTINET-Africa consortium. She is also the current secretary of a larger network named Cysticercosis Working Group in Eastern and Southern Africa (CWGESA).
Ernatus Martin Mkupasi
CO-Principal Investigator
Dr. Mkupasi is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro, Tanzania. He is responsible for teaching public health and related courses at the university. He is also involved in supervision and mentoring masters and PhD students. His research interest is on control of neglected zoonotic diseases using One Health approach. He has worked widely on Bovine tuberculosis, Brucellosis and helminith especially cestodes in Tanzania. In CYSTINET-Africa consortium Mkupasi assists the consortium coordinator in communication position. In addition, he is the Assistant Project Leader at the SUA project level.
Ayubu Jacob Churi
IT Task Force
Churi is the Director of Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) of Sokoine University of Agriculture. He is also a Senior Lecturer in the field of Information Systems, Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems. He has worked on Decision Support System for Improved Strategic Farm-Level Decisions under Climate Change. His research interest is on developing information systems for different uses such as student records and financial information. Churi is working with CYSTINET-Africa as ICT personnel for Tanzania I (SUA).
Chacha Joseph Nyangi
PhD Candidate
Nyangi is an Assistant Lecturer at Mbeya University of Science and Technology in the Department of Science and Business Management. He has worked in area of food safety especially mycotoxins in particular aflatoxins and fumonisins. With CYSTINET-Africa, Nyangi is a PhD researcher. His PhD work focuses on “Development and implementation of a locally adapted health education intervention package for the prevention and control of T. solium taeniasis/cysticercosis in Tanzania”.