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  1. CYSTINET-Europe Final Conference in Athens, Greece

    October 24 - October 25

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On September 25-26, a meeting for the development of WHO guidelines for diagnosis and treatment for Taenia solium neurocysticercosis (NCC) took place at the WHO headquarters in Geneva. Experts with various backgrounds in this field from all over the world came together to discuss and agree on recommendations.

As a preparation, the systematic review team (Annette Abraham & Javier Bustos) had summarized all the available evidence in this field. They were supervised by Prof. Winkler and Prof. Garcia and got methodological input from Prof. Carabin (methods expert). The discussion by the experts was based on the resulting evidence profiles and recommendations were drafted during the meeting.

These guidelines aim to improve the care for NCC patients and provide health practitioners worldwide with a guidance.

This post is also available on our blog: www.cysti.net/index.php/2017/10/19/meeting-at-who-headquarters-in-geneva/

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Earlier this month Fabien Prodjinotho attended the 6th SAIS Conference and the 7th IDA Symposium in Cape Town to give a presentation about his PhD research work on helminth-associated immune regulation. He introduced our network to the participants and organizers of the conferences during oral and poster presentations. In addition, he met the group of Joseph Raimondo, who is at the head of the neuroscience research laboratory at the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (University of Cape Town) where he presented CYSTINET-Africa.

From left to right: Hayley Tomes (PhD student) - Fabien Prodjinotho - Joseph Raimondo

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Thanks to all our participants for making #ECTMIH2017 a success! Have a look at the closing video: https://t.co/SaCtPj9lRU

New blog post about WHO meeting regarding NCCs in Geneva https://t.co/a6mKImnlzU

CYSTINET-Africa meets CYSTINET-Europe! The final CYSTINET-Europe conference takes place in Athens next week. https://t.co/QOwZZCv5m0

The opening session is about to start! Watch the event online via live stream button on the #ECTMIH2017 website: https://t.co/heyi9sTEVn

Come join us in Antwerp at @ECTMIH2017 next week! Our talk is at Oct 19th 5pm in room 7

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