Launching ceremony of the Cystinet Mozambique Community based-study


The launching ceremony of the CYSTINET-Africa Mozambique community based-study was held at the Administrative Post of Mugeba, in the District of Mocuba, Province of Zambézia, on February 28, 2018. The event was honoured by H. Excellency Dr. Abdul Razak Noormahomed, Governor of the Province,  Professor Emilia Virginia Noormahomed, Principal Investigator and Coordinator of all Mozambique activities, Professor Alcido Nguenha, President of the Mozambique Institute of Health Education and Research (MIHER), member of the consortium, Dr. Joaquim Pahare, Administrator of the District of Mocuba, and Dr. Oscar Hawad, Chief Medical Officer representing the Provincial Director of Health.


munity and religious leaders, civil society actors and the general population participated in the event. Professor Emilia Noormahomed said that the launching indicated the start of an important research project of the epidemiology of T. solium cysticercosis/taeniosis with special emphasis on neurocysticercosis and its related immunological pathomechanisms in northern Mozambique, aiming to identify cases of epilepsy, testing for the relationship with cysticercosis and treatment. The district of Mocuba is one of the Districts of Zambézia Province with a very high prevalence of cases of epilepsy, a disease that can be caught due to the consumption of infected meat taenia solium.

Prof. Alcido Nguenha, President of the MIHER expressed his satisfaction with the receptivity of the project by the population and asked for greater and greater receptivity because the results of the project will benefit the community, especially those affected by the disease. Dr. Abdul Razak Noormahomed, Governor of Zambézia said that the Province of Zambézia was the province chosen for the implementation of the project and asked the population to collaborate with it.

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